Every month, Mom packs me in my bag and we all go off to Grandma’s psychiatry appointment. Now, I don’t mind traveling. In fact, I love seeing new places. But this is not a new place. It’s the same thing every time. We take a bus, then a train and then another bus. Then we sit in the waiting room for Grandma to finish her appointment and then we go home. Same sequence. Bus, train, bus. Sometimes, we go to the Walmart down the street, like today. That didn’t make things any better though. Mom was cranky all day. It started this morning when I refused to dress up in one of my poofy dresses. I didn’t want to and, no, I’m not sorry. Mom was tired to begin with and she didn’t even get to eat before we left. When we got to the hospital, we went across the street to the hospital proper and ate in the cafeteria. That wasn’t so bad. When we got to the commons building, we sat down as per usual and waited. Mom took a few photos, but not many. She fell asleep on the chair and Grandma had to wake her up. The only bright spot was that Mom got a set of steel crochet hooks at Walmart as well as a skein of yarn. Then we went home. I suppose the day wasn’t so bad, just long and boring.  Now that I’m done ranting, I guess I’ll post the one picture I like  from today.

Going Home

Me in my travel bag


2 thoughts on “Infuriating

  1. Awww it’s okay Suki. Just remember your mom does this because she loves Grandmom and wants to make sure she’s okay. Sometimes we all do things we don’t want to for the people we love.

    You look beautiful in the picture though.

    By the way Katerina says she is jealous because I never take her out anywhere! She wishes she could ride on a bus…because she thinks it’ll be exciting.

    • I know. I understand why she does it, but it’s boring sometimes. Mom says we all have our off days. I’m glad you like the picture. I wish Kat and I could get together and ride the bus together. Then it would be an adventure!

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