New Dress!

So, yesterday my new dress and camera came in. Pics will be taken sometime today. I don’t know when tho, so stay tuned!


New stuff, I suppose.

Mom woke me up at 7 am to take me outside to do a photoshoot. I know she did it just to spite me. It was cold out there! I don’t know what the temperature was, but I was freezing. Mom was too, apparently, because we only got 2 good photos out of the whole thing before we had to go in. Never again! On the bright side, Rae-chan posted a new pic she did for Mom winning her kiriban! It’s on her Deviantart page if you want to see it. It’s really cute. Time to sign off. Mom has to go to Walmart and I’m not allowed to be on the computer when she’s not home. Have a pic:

Cookie for Breakfast

Long time, no update

It’s been a while. Goodness knows I didn’t mean to ignore this blog. There are just some days when I don’t even want to get out of bed. Not that I’ve had a reason to because someone won’t get off her butt and take pictures of my new hairstyle.  She keeps saying ‘tomorrow’. A broken zoom lever on one’s camera is no excuse. Is it? I can’t wait until my camera finally gets here. Then I’ll be able to take my own pictures. Might post some haiku while I’m waiting.


Every month, Mom packs me in my bag and we all go off to Grandma’s psychiatry appointment. Now, I don’t mind traveling. In fact, I love seeing new places. But this is not a new place. It’s the same thing every time. We take a bus, then a train and then another bus. Then we sit in the waiting room for Grandma to finish her appointment and then we go home. Same sequence. Bus, train, bus. Sometimes, we go to the Walmart down the street, like today. That didn’t make things any better though. Mom was cranky all day. It started this morning when I refused to dress up in one of my poofy dresses. I didn’t want to and, no, I’m not sorry. Mom was tired to begin with and she didn’t even get to eat before we left. When we got to the hospital, we went across the street to the hospital proper and ate in the cafeteria. That wasn’t so bad. When we got to the commons building, we sat down as per usual and waited. Mom took a few photos, but not many. She fell asleep on the chair and Grandma had to wake her up. The only bright spot was that Mom got a set of steel crochet hooks at Walmart as well as a skein of yarn. Then we went home. I suppose the day wasn’t so bad, just long and boring.  Now that I’m done ranting, I guess I’ll post the one picture I like  from today.

Going Home

Me in my travel bag


Finally got the promised photoshoot done. We couldn’t do it yesterday because a cold knocked my Mom flat. She was in bed all day and couldn’t get the energy to do it. She’s feeling better today, but going outside was out of the question. So the pictures were taken on the living room window sill. Jane and Tiny Betsy decided to join in. I got a new wig a few days ago, so we took pictures of it and then we did a picture for Rae-chan. She hasn’t been feeling too well either so Mom did a special photo for her to cheer her up.  Then everyone wanted me to tell them a story, so Mom got pictures of that too. I’ll post a few here, but the majority are up on Mom’s Dev page.

My new wig

New wig!


Photoshoot tomorrow!

My new wig came in today so Mom said we’re going to do a photoshoot tomorrow morning. She’ll probably post most of the pictures on her Deviant art page, but I’ll post a few here. Maybe some outtakes, if there are any. I just hope it’s not too cold in the morning.

New Hairstyle

My mom was apparently very bored because I ended up with a new hairstyle. Apparently she spent all morning on Youtube looking for tutorial videos. *Insert deep sigh here* At least it didn’t take long for her to figure this out. Usually I’m sitting there for hours and she’s frustrated to no end. I think it came out nice though! Here’s the pics:


Fishtail Braid