New outfit!

Mom finished my new summer set today! Have a pic:


Isn’t it so cute?! I love it when Mom crochets. It usually means something new for me!


Happy Mother’s Day!

To all mothers, grandmothers, adopted mothers, pet mothers and mothers of resin kids, a very happy Mother’s Day!

In other news, Ara has claimed the overall set that Mom had bought when she had ordered another doll a year back. He was the same size as Ara and it’s a good thing she bought it because now he has something different to wear. She’s working on sizing him for crocheted clothes. That’s going to be fun.

Quick update

Hi everyone!

Just a quick post to let you all know that I’m still alive, just very busy. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

The kitties belong to my Aunt Naomi and they are a handful. They almost unraveled the entire project! Fortunately, Mom rescued it. Maybe more pictures tomorrow!

A whole month

Dear God, I had a feeling this would happen. A whole month has gone by and I haven’t posted on this thing. I haven’t been doing much lately. Mom’s been crocheting up a storm so new pictures should be coming soon. It’s raining incessantly and it’s supposed to last through the week. It’s all good for me, ’cause I don’t have to go anywhere. Mom, however, has an optometry appointment Thursday. She needs new glasses. Well, I’ll try to update tomorrow. Maybe with a story or poem. We’ll see.

7th Post

Today is picture day! They’re not that great, but at least I have something to post.

At the computer


The jewelry set Kat gave me for Christmas

Size comparison

I love my new jewelry! Kat is so awesome. I hope she liked the scarf my Mom made her. Anyway, I’m signing off. I’ve got a show coming on and then I’m going to bed. See everyone tomorrow!

6th post

For today’s post, we have a surprise! It’s not the project I’m working on, but it is special. I managed to get my hands on one of Mom’s old sketchbooks and found the most adorable picture! Here it is:

She drew it in 2009, long before I came to live with her. She said she was sitting at a bus stop, waiting for Grandma and Aunt Naomi to arrive when she saw a bird on a branch of the tree next to her. She didn’t have a camera at the time, so she pulled out her sketchbook. The little guy stayed long enough for her to finish before flying off. Now, I have to be off the computer before she finds out I have her sketchbook. Hope everyone has a good day!