8th Post

For today’s post, we have a story! Well, part 1 of, hopefully, 2. Enjoy, Friends!

The Dragon’s Promise

by Cillanoodle (aka Mom)

“Are you going to tell her?”
“She’ll find out eventually.”
“I know. Hopefully by the time she does, I’ll have fixed it.”
“Dad gave that to her.”
“I know that. Are you trying to make me feel more guilty than I already am?”
“Not particularly. I just want you to remember what’s at stake here. If this goes wrong, you probably won’t survive.”
“Thank you so much for that vote of confidence.”
“Don’t worry. You’re young, so she might go easy on you.”

Tomoe wandered the halls of her family home, searching for her brothers. They were supposed to be watching her while their mother had gone to the market. Instead, they had left her in her room and disappeared. She had long since exhausted all forms of entertainment. She had finished the coloring book they had given her and watched all the videos they had downloaded. Now she was bored and it wasn’t helping that she couldn’t find her brothers to tell them. She was just about to give up and start crying when they came up the stairs that led to the cellar. Daishiro was cradling something in his cupped hands, but Tomoe couldn’t see what it was. Ryutaro noticed her standing there and sighed.
“Let me guess, you finished everything I gave you.”
“Uh-huh.” Tomoe sniffled a little and pulled her handkerchief out of her sleeve. She looked up at her eldest brother as he knelt down next to her.
“And you’re bored?”
“Uh-huh.” She nearly giggled when his head dropped, his long black hair falling down to cover his face. He rubbed his forehead with his hand and looked back up at the little girl before him.
“Fine, you can come with us. ”
“Quiet Daishiro. She’s not going to say anything because I’m going to buy here that cute scarf she wants.”
“You’re bribing me? Mom says bribery is bad.”
“Yes, normally it is.” He picked her up and settled her on his hip. “Do you want the scarf or not?”
Tomoe cocked her head to the side and thought for a moment. “Okay. I’ll keep quiet.”
“Good. Now keep up, okay?” He set her down and started walking towards his room. Daishiro and Tomoe followed solemly. Tomoe noticed that her brother was walking slowly and carefully, as if to protect what was in his hands.
“What are you holding?”
Tomoe rolled her eyes at her brother’s vagueness.
“I know that. I asked what it was.” The boys sat down at Ryutaro’s desk while Tomoe jumped onto her brother’s bed and made herself comfortable on his pillows. Her eyes widened when she saw what was placed on the desk.
“You broke Mom’s dragon sculpture?”
“You said you were going to be quiet!”
“Don’t yell at her, Shiro. Yes, he broke it. But we’re going to fix it.”
“Mom’s going to kill you if you don’t.”
Daishiro glared at her and she burrowed her face into the pillows to escape his gaze. Ryutaro slapped his arm and turned back to the broken sculpture. He picked up the tail piece that had broken off and fit it aginst it’s mate.
“Well, it’s a clean break, so it should be easy to put it together with some glue.”
Ryutaro opened a drawer and took out a tube of extra strength glue. He spread some on each side and put the ends together, holding them for a while to make it stick. The glue held for all of five minutes before the tail slid down and thumped onto the desk. Both boys groaned and Daishiro sunk to the floor.
“I am so dead! She’s going to kill me and then bring me back so she can kill me again!”
Ryutaro looked despondently at the little tail. “It’s got to be the stone it’s made of. Mom said that Dad had it made from a special rare stone. I don’t remember what it’s called.”
“So why not go to the guy who made it?”
The boys stared at her for a long second and then looked at each other.
“It’s worth a shot.”
“What else are we going to do?”
“Get you’re coat, Tomoe. We’ll stop by Miya-san’s shop on the way and get you the scarf.”
Tomoe took off down the hallway and flung the front hall closet open. She pulled her coat on and buttoned it and then she put her boots on. She sat on the stairs waiting for the boys. When they came to the front door, Daishiro was carrying a small wooden box. He set the box down on the hall table and pulled his coat on and slipped his shoes on. He put the box gently into his pocket. He looked up to see his brother was ready to go. The trio left the house and walked down the street towards the bus stop. When the bus came, Tomoe sat in between her brothers, swinging her legs and humming to herself. She loved taking the bus. It was always interesting with lots of new people and the promise of adventure. When they reached the downtown stop, the siblings got off the bus.
Ryutaro led the way to a little curio shop that wasn’t that far from the stop. Takenaka Miya was one of their mother’s friends from high school. They had kept in contact when they graduated and gone to college. When Miya had taken over her family’s shop, she had insisted on giving her friend a line of credit to help her establish her new household. Ryutaro had been two years old then and had always enjoyed coming to the shop. It was always filled with interesting things as Miya’s husband was an anthropologist and had traveled the world many times over. He always brought back some new thing for Miya when he returned.
When they entered, Miya greeted them warmly and set them down for some tea. Ryutaro explained that they were there to get Tomoe the scarf. Miya smiled and took a sip of tea. “Are you sure that’s the only reson you’re here?”
“What do you mean?”
“Hayashi Daishiro, I have known you you’re whole life. I can tell when something is bothering you.”
The boy sighed and took the box from his pocket. When Miya saw it’s contents, she raised an eyebrow. “She’s going to kill you.”
“I know. I figure that it won’t be so bad if I can get it fixed. We tried glue, but that didn’t work.” He sighed heavilly and put his head in his hands.
“Miya-san, when did Dad get the dragon for Mom?”
“You don’t know the story, Tomoe-chan?”
Tomoe shook her head and held up her cup so Miya could refill it.
” You’re parent’s met when they were in junior high scool. You’ve heard of your Aunt and the way she treated your Mother, haven’t you? Well, it was this treatment that drew your Father to her to begin with. At the time, he desperately needed a reason to keep living and he pledged to protect her for as long as she needed. When your Grandmother abandoned her children and your Aunt left the city with her latest boyfriend, your poor Mother was left alone. She had nowhere to go, so your Father asked his sister to take her in.”
“Aunt Ran!”
“That’s right, Tomoe-chan. When she was settled in, your Father came to see her. He gave her this dragon and a promise that they would one day be married.”
“Now I feel really guilty.” Daishiro’s head hit the table hard. Miya looked at him, concerned.
“Well, I may be able to help.”
“You’ll see, my Dears.”


I’ll post part two tomorrow!