Happy Mother’s Day!

To all mothers, grandmothers, adopted mothers, pet mothers and mothers of resin kids, a very happy Mother’s Day!

In other news, Ara has claimed the overall set that Mom had bought when she had ordered another doll a year back. He was the same size as Ara and it’s a good thing she bought it because now he has something different to wear. She’s working on sizing him for crocheted clothes. That’s going to be fun.


New friend!

Mom got a new doll, so I guess I have a brother. His name is Aravinda. It’s Hindi for lotus.

Here he is:

Mom took us outside to take pictures, so she decided to take a new family portrait.

Aren’t we all adorable?


2nd Post of the New Year

I’m real witty when it comes to names, huh? Anyways, like the title says, this is day 2 and I have a picture to post. It’s been foggy today and everything looks grey and depressed today.

Foggy Day


On the bright side, we ordered pizza last night and because it’s Mom’s birthday month, we requested that they draw Pinkie Pie on the box. They did too! I couldn’t get over how sweet they were to take the time to do this.

Pizza Pinkie Pie